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    Polaris brand optical lenses offer the most accurate visual solution to suite your needs. Complex design technologies enable us to provide you exceptional optical quality and precise vision across the thinnest lenses possible. With over Twenty-Five plus years in Optical industry and a combined experience of over 50 years our team of experts ensure that the quality of products and services will exceed your expectations.

    We ensure that you get most accurate Rx on your Polaris™ lenses

    Our manufacturing partner facility comes with over 50 years of experience in lens design and manufacturing technology and markets extending to over 25 countries with premium optical lenses. Our partner facility operates in accordance with recognized global standards like ISO 17025, CZV Rating and FDA compliance to name a few. All our lenses are manufactured in accordance to reducing the impact on environment and reduction of carbon footprint by adopting efficient and sustainable manufacturing process.

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    Polaris Premium Lenses offer Six different categories of lenses to cater to the diverse customer needs in the Canadian market place. No matter which choice you make, these lenses guarantee the highest quality standards and after sales support to ensure our dispensing stores & clinics and their customers are always satisfied. 

    We pride ourselves on giving you and your clients the gift of perfect vision. This begins with high-performance lenses and premium coatings. Our products incorporate the latest technologies, delivering unique solutions for a diverse range of customer segments and emerging patient conditions. We are dedicated to helping you grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our agility enables us to bring you the added advantage of a personal touch. We share our knowledge and expertise to help you overcome your challenges, minimize customer non-adapts, and increase sales. 

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    Digital manufacturing gives the wearer up to 40% better visual acuity than conventional progressive lenses and hence promotes short adaptability time.


    Office Lenses also known as computer progressive lenses are meant for use at short ranges and designed to provide clear vision between intermediate and reading zones.

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    For parents who are concerned that their child might be myopic, or at risk of developing myopia, we recommend to have your child’s eyes tested and talk to your Optometrist about, not only correcting the immediate sight issue, but importantly what can be done to prevent or slow progression of myopia.

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    Our iRelax lenses are single vision lenses which are optimised to relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and blurred vision which may result from extended use of digital devices.


    Prescription Wrapped Sunglasses have historically created a “Fishbowl Effect” that made it impossible for many people with higher prescriptions to get acclimated to these lenses.

    Our FOCUS is Adaptive and Cutting-Edge lens designs. And we do this by adopting simplicity in offering our Optical solutions.