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Our lenses achieve exceptional visual results for you irrespective of the category of lenses your eyes need. We do this by using the most innovative manufacturing process that uses advanced logarithms and mathematical calculations to get precise results.


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Polaris iBalance Free Form Progressive

Polaris iBalance FF Progressive utilizes the Binocular Image Focus Principle and takes into consideration set of average values of the spectacle. Polaris iBalance FF Progressive offers the best possible vision zones and compatibility of any traditional progressive lens. Polaris iBalance FF Progressive is Optimum progressive lens for first time user and gives Spontaneous compatibility due to enlarged visual zones. Digital manufacturing gives the wearer up to 40% better visual acuity than conventional progressive lens and hence promotes short adaptability time. This lens maintains binocularity and harmonized vision as the eye move through the different zones of this lens. 


Polaris iAdvance Free Form Progressive

Polaris iAdvance FF Progressive utilizes the customization of individual lenses according to the prescription values. This lens is the next level from our iBalance Progressive. This design also takes into consideration Mono Pupillary Distance, hence providing the wearer most optimal comfort and visual zones. iAdvance FF Progressive are manufactured using 3D Free Form technology. Due to individual design these lenses have maximum visual fields and improved intermediate and near vision for all wearers. Each Polaris iAdvance FF Progressive lens is personalized according to each patient’s eye positions. This lens also works very well with Anisometropic prescriptions.


Polaris iElite Free Form Progressive

Polaris iElite FF Progressive is a completely customized that take into account the Vertex Distance, Pentoscopic Tilt and Wrap angel for each individual. iElite Progressive lens uses sophisticated prismatic compensation for highly optimized binocular vision and fusion. What makes iElite lenses unique is that it is optimized over the whole area of the lens and not just one vision point on lens. iElite Progressive achieves Maximum image stability and minimum image distortion combined with instant vision quality without the need to acclimatise with new glasses. iElite FF High-Definition progressive lenses offer highest improvement in all vision zones from Far to Near.

Polaris iDentity Free Form Progressive

Polaris iDENTITY Free Form progressive is available in three corridors and offers all the benefits of Digital back surface Free Form technology but with a more affordable price tag in an entry-level progressive lens. It has been designed with the intent of delivering optimal visual performance between distance and reading zone. Like other progressive lenses in Polaris family, our iDENTITY lens leverages complete automation and AI to get the most accurate and precise results with fast adaptability. Good all-rounder that delivers exceptional value for its price.

Polaris iADAPT Free Form IOT Progressive

iADAPT Progressive lenses adapt to the demands of modern life. Their technology meets the visual needs of the most active presbyopes, who demand clear and stable vision, even when they’re engaged in highly dynamic activities. iADAPT Progressive lenses can be personalized for each wearer for Indoor, Outdoor and easy Adapt Design. iADAPT Progressive lenses incorporate IOT Steady Plus Methodology. With this technology, the swim effect is significantly reduced. The optics and aesthetics of iAdapt Progressive lenses are impossible to beat. 

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iDrive Single Vision and Progressive Lenses

Driving has very specific optical requirement. Our driving lenses have been developed to provide optimal vision behind the wheel. They offer wider far and intermediate segments which provide dynamic vision and customizable parameters to perfectly fit for each individual driver. Night myopia affects one out in three people, making it difficult to see distant objects at night. iDRIVE single vision and progressive lenses address this problem with a night vision zone within the lens to improve vision. The lenses offer Improved visual fields to widen vision and reduce astigmatism. Faster adaptation allows the eyes adjust to lenses almost immediately allowing a comfortable vision that promotes easy focus and greater eye movement. The wearer experiences better vision on the dashboard along with external and internal mirrors as-well. Recommended for driving during the day and at night, iDRIVE lenses are specifically designed to help you focus both inside and outside the car.




Prescription Wrapped Sunglasses have historically created a “Fishbowl Effect” that made it impossible for many people with higher prescriptions to get acclimated to these lenses. POLARIS Free-Form Digital lens technology allows us to put higher prescriptions in wrapped sunglasses without creating this peripheral distortion.

With customizable parameters to optimally suit frame position for each individual wearer and multidirectional atoric technology for wider, distortion-free field of vision, our Wrap Sport Single Vision and Progressive lenses are designed to offer excellent vision to meet the needs of athletes who demand dynamic vision.

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Our iRelax lenses are single vision lenses which are optimised to relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and blurred vision which may result from extended use of digital devices. iRelax lenses use optimized digital surfacing to achieve clear and accurate vision on every point of lens.  

Our Polaris iRelax series Anti-fatigue lenses are very helpful with your clients where they need just a little boost to reduce their near work eye strain. Polaris iRelax also works great with new presbyopes and for patients with border line addition power. 

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For parents who are concerned that their child might be myopic, or at risk of developing myopia, we recommend to have your child’s eyes tested and talk to your Optometrist about, not only correcting the immediate sight issue, but importantly what can be done to prevent or slow progression of myopia. 

Polaris MyoPro Lenses comprise an asymmetrical Myopia Defocus design with a three Myopia Defocus zones, including a + 2.50 diopters full positive power superior zone, an 80% full Myopia Defocus power nasal zone, and a 60% full Myopia Defocus power temporal zone. 

Both of the spectacle lenses are designed to simultaneously provide clear distance vision for the wearer and introduce Myopia Defocus for the peripheral retina by providing a plane in front of the retina, resulting in signals being received as blurred images on the retina.  

Custom Office Lenses

Office Lenses also known as computer progressive lenses are meant for use at short ranges and designed to provide clear vision between intermediate and reading zones.  

If you are over 40 years of age and use a computer for more than 4 hours per day, these lenses are ideal and help alleviate visual fatigue while you work. If you do any kind of near work, within arm’s reach for a large part of your day, you will likely benefit from office lenses, even if you don’t work in a traditional office environment. These lenses also allow for better posture, making it easier to hold your head in a more natural position while your work.  

 Polaris offers Task Office Custom lenses with pre-defined work distance. The top zone of these custom lenses offers 80 CM, 120 CM, 200 CM and 400 CM work distance with complete reading power at the bottom, for maximum viewing comfort.  

Evolution Material


Poly Carbonate material is widely used for its impact resistant properties. However, during the injection moulding process of Poly Carbonate blanks there is an unavoidable Birefringence caused by the residual internal mechanical stresses in the moulding material.  

Our Evolution Series uses a breakthrough Diecast technology to manufacture Poly Carbonate lenses without Birefringence and reduced dispersion of light, resulting in enhanced comfort and much clearer and wider field of vision.  

Our partner lab is one of the first in the world to offer Poly Carbonate lenses that utilizes state of the art tools combined with our patented diecasting process to create a finest bi-aspheric Poly Carbonate lens in the industry. 


Neochromes is a new generation of photochromic lenses. These high-performance light-activated lenses provide prescription glasses-wearers a choice to simplify their day-to-day by having one pair of glasses for all occasions. 

Neochromes use an innovative and efficient smart photochromic technology that instantly adapts to changing light, providing optimal eye protection from glare and harmful rays, and reducing eye fatigue for maximum comfort. With its attractive tints and appearance, color consistency and performance, lens users will feel right in any light, in any activity, indoors or outdoors, in all kinds of weather and in all seasons.