Polaris Lenses is a Canadian Brand manufactured and distributed by Baus Rx Lab.
With the strategic manufacturing alliances, the manufacturing facility spans across major manufacturing hubs in Hong Kong and Singapore region. Our investment into complete end to end Enterprise Resource Planning software allows us to manufacture our lenses 24/7 without any delays in the process. Our lab is capable of producing over 1 million pairs of lenses a month.
After picking up the desired Lens blank, the complete system is touch free automated process, except when the lenses are checked for quality and moving from one station to another for coating or tinting procedures.
All Polaris lenses use Digital Free Form manufacturing process, where the AI software and various complicated logarithms decide the design, curvature and optimal size to achieve best visual performance of each lens produced.
Polaris lenses go through multiple during the manufacturing cycle before they are despatched out from the production floor. Once the lenses reach our edging department, they are checked again for accuracy and then dispatched to our ECP partner clinics and stores.
Our Silk family coatings come in various multilayer options. Please visit our ‘Coatings’ page to learn more.
No, we sell our lenses only through our channel Optical stores and Optometry clinics. Please use our contact form to request the information on our channel partner nearest to you.

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